Our cannabis seeds auctions gives you the opportunity to find some rare seeds, who will never return again. If your seed vault is too heavy, there is also the chance to make some good money from your treasures or you can fulfill somebody’s dream and make their day. The functions are almost the same as on every auction site, the higher bidder takes takes away the spoils when the time is up or you can be safe and buy it for the fixed final price. If you have further questions, you will find the answers in the How to / FAQ category.

Mind you that, these auctioned seeds are mainly obtained from independent collections of private individuals. Only original, closed packs from known breeders are allowed for auctions,  all other seeds or new crosses are to sell over the Cloud-Category.

Make sure you put your favorite auction to your watchlist, so you always get new informations what happens to the auction of your ‚soon to be‘ favorite strain.

Current Auctions:

This are all products currently running as auctions. Don’t be shy and try your luck to get one of those rare gems.

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