This is our feminized seed catalog with reliable strains from the best Breeders around the world. If you want to better calculate the number of your plants and save time, or if you find it difficult to recognize male plants, you’ve come to the right place. 

You will have pure versions of those clones only in feminized seed form. When you hunt those seeds, you can find the same traits and exact same examples of the mother plant what the breeder used to produce this strain, plus you might find versions that are even better.

This is the result of a breeding technique called selfing. The female plant get sprayed the first 3 weeks of flower with a chemical solution (for example STS) and starts producing male sacks instead of flower. This pollen will be used to pollinate a female plant. The difference to regular breeding is that 99% of the produced seeds will be female and very close to the original breeder plant.