Auction will start from moderate prices starting from 5-25€ based on packages being bidder.

Yes, but any package shipped outside of the EU, the Seed Cloud Company can not be held accountable for overseas candidates, they do so at their own peril(risk) and in an unexpected case, if a package is stopped,lost or seized there will be no substitutions or payback.


You can present your seeds for bidding via our “Upload Product‘‘ section at the Auction category.

Seed Cloud will take 20% of all bidding lots

If the the item is not sold out or stock is not met, you should reupload it again and think about reducing the fixed price or give more details about your product.

Of course, independence is our main goal from Seed Cloud. „Upload your Product“ over the Seed Cloud and get started!

If a bidder is unable to pay then you have no other option than to either give it to the second highest bidder or re-list the bidding.


We accept all cards deposits but there will be a 7% fee for this.
We also accept bank transfers, Bitcoin, PayPal or Cash.

Yes you can add Seed to your watchlist.

3days/ 72hours except we have been in contact or spoken.

Then kindly prompt or alert us soon, we know that occasionally circumstances switch but please take into account our labour so we don’t procrastinate.

Auction will happen in incremental price of 2€-20€ based on the seeds being bided.

No, you have to auction what you are prepared to pay. We are focused in getting a well organized auction site that will make it work effortless as possible.

-When you bid effectively
-When an auction you bid in is about to close or finish.
-When you win an auction
-When an auction closed without an encounter with the reserve
-When an auction close without bids
-When an auction close without a champion or a winner
-When an admin cancels an auction
We accept all cards deposits but there will be a 7% fee for this.
We also accept bank transfers, Bitcoin, PayPal or Cash.

We don’t give any discounts, coupons or combine commissions with auctions.

To stop a ‘snipe’ auctions, if a bid is constructed in the last 5 minutes of an auction, the time for the auction will be increased to 5 minutes more.

– When you have successfully bid.
– When an auction you’ve bid on or subscribed to is about to end.
– When the highest bid outbid.
– When you’ve won an auction.
– When an auction has ended without meeting the reserve.
– When an auction has ended without bids.
– When an auction ends without a winner.
– When an admin has deleted a bid