Breeder : 303 Seeds
Sex/Gender of Product : Regular
Genetic : Photoperiod
Plant Type : Indica/ Sativa
Flower Time : 8-9 Weeks
CBD : More THC than CBD
Mold Resistance : Medium
Pack Size : n.a.

Bubblegum x Blueberry



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Binary Tree

Bubblegum x Blueberry

Bubblegum x Blueberry
Bubble Gum
Unknown Strain
Unknown Strain
Blueberry Line
Blueberry Line

Breeder information:

The Bubblegum x Blueberry mom tests at 15% THC. A quick finish, rock solid nuggets of buttery sweet fruity goodness, and yields that will keep you in the green. She has a smooth, lightly narcotic effect that builds with increased consumption.


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