Breeder : Haze bros.
Sex/Gender of Product : Regular
Genetic : Photoperiod
Plant Type : Sativa
Flower Time : 10+ Weeks
CBD : High THC (Less than 2% CBD)
Mold Resistance : Medium
Pack Size : n.a.




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Binary Tree

(Columbian x South Indian) x (Thai x Mexican)

(Columbia x India)
(Thai x Mexican)

Robert Connell Clarke explains the origins of Haze in his ‘Origins of the Species’ article published in Issue 60 of Cannabis Culture magazine:

“The Original Haze is a late-maturing variety from Central California and was almost always grown in greenhouses, allowing it to finish in December or January. Original Haze was always connoisseur stash, and even in the 1970s it sold for as much as $200 an ounce. Original Haze is a pure sativa stabilised hybrid arising from crossing all of the best females with a male of a different imported sativa variety each year. Starting with Colombian/Mexican hybrids grown from seeds from the first crop, a South Indian male plant was used as a pollen source the second year, and a Thai male plant was used the third year. Depending on which year Haze seeds were collected, they resembled either Colombian, South Indian or Thai plants. Original Haze varies in taste from citrus Thai notes through the gamut of sativa highlights to the deep spicy purple Colombianflavour most common in Dutch Haze cultivars.”

The Haze Bros was growing different phenotypes of those cultivars but never brought them to stable lines. Sam the Skunkman worked if further and explained this in one post at in 2008:

Original Haze was fairly consistant as F1’s but by the time it was f5 and above it segregated out into many different related lines. I have not worked Original Haze as much as tried to save it, I collected as much seed as I could in the early 70’s grew them and did free pollinations and did minimal selection to ensure I saved as many genes as I could. That was in the 70’s & 80’s now I have clones for the last 20 years. My Original Haze is not done being worked on that is why I tell people to use it as breeding materials.”

In 1984 Sam the Skunkman moved to Holland. There he opens his new genetic variety to the public commercial seed business.

Further Neville Schoenmaker obtained Haze seeds from a guy in New York in 1996. These seeds should be the old stock of the Haze bros. Out of this seeds he selected three plants. They called them A, B and C.

Here is a little bit of a mystery because Sam the Skunkman told that he never get Haze Seeds from him an that it wasn’t possible for him to get the Seeds from New York like he wrote on in 2008:

“It is absurd that Neville said he got 1969 O Haze seeds from the Haze Bros.

#1 Neville first traveled to USA in 86 or 87 at the earliest, the main Haze Brother, R was gone, retired in Mexico by 82 he did not come back for 10 years. He was the one that created O Haze. The second Haze Brother J quit growing O Haze about 1980 and only grew Skunk #1 after that, until he became a reborn christian, then he quit growing, and anyway recently he told me he never met Neville and he certainly did not sell any Haze seeds to him or anyone else ever.

#2 The Haze Bros had a falling out in the late 70’s and stopped talking to one another, for certain they did not sell seeds as the Haze Bros to anyone, it is ridiculous as well as impossible.

Lets be honest Neville got the seeds from me, but he had promised me that he would not make pure Haze and sell them as such, I told him it was fine to make Haze hybrids with other varieties that were not mine.

He broke his word and started selling Haze pure and hybrids with my varieties, and I stopped working with him.

Maybe he lied to avoid the problems that accompany breaking your word? I can not say, but I know Neville did not meet the Haze Bros and did not get any O Haze seeds from them. Both the Haze Bros were close friends of mine and both were close neighbors for years, J lived a few hundred meters from my house until he departed to Mexico.”

In the end nobody knows the truth from where Neville got he’s seeds only Neville and Sam himself.

Nevilles 3 Haze plants had this characteristics:

HAZE A (MALE PLANT) = spicy smell and taste

HAZE B (FEMALE PLANT) = not impressive looking, pleasant high

HAZE C (MALE PLANT) = dank earthy (chocolate thai type) smell and taste

This Original Haze plant were the beginning for a lot of nice hybrids.




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