Breeder : ACE Seeds
Sex/Gender of Product : Regular
Genetic : Photoperiod
Plant Type : Sativa
Flower Time : 6-7 Weeks
CBD : High THC (Less than 2% CBD)
Mold Resistance : High
Yield: High
Pack Size : n.a.

Highland Oaxacan Gold



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Binary Tree

Oaxaca Gold *Origial Green Line* x Oaxaca Gold *Origial Green Line*

Highland Oaxacan Gold

This Highland Mexican line is absolutely unique to Green Mountain Seeds. This Oaxacan Gold is the corner stone and backbone to most of Vermontman’s breeding work.

Vermontman’s strain of Oaxacan Gold came in on a shipment through Marthas Vineyard one Kilo made it into the hands of a good dealer friend of mine in 1979.

This new Mexican Sinsemilla ran a hefty unheard of price of $200.00 an ounce. The bag of buds were amazing spears of barely seeded golden goodness, I was out of stash and I could not pass these up. Score!

Upon smoking my first joint I knew this was something amazingly special as it hit me right between the eyes and took me to another totally high, powerfully trippy place that led to incessant breathtaking laughter that went on for hours. We nick named her Skull F***.

I immediately called back my buddy, lets call him Dennis, and asked if he could pick out every seed he could find. He halfheartedly agreed, after all he was a stoner. This was in late winter, with spring right around the corner. These first Oaxaca Gold seeds were started under Florescent lights then moved out to make shift plastic tents to be hardened off. At this point in time the only cannabis available to me that would finish outdoors (20 miles north of Boston) was some no name Indica that was fairly early and not overly potent nor consistent, but made round leafy buds with some purple and would finish at about head height.

So last frost date finally arrived, I went fast to work amending my favorite spot between north and southbound lanes of I 95. With access off a clover leaf and through a culvert that ran a clear clean brook right under the north bound lane of the highway. Great under cover access and a steady supply of fresh water, though to make this passage I had to wade through shin deep, and sometimes cold water. I had to take off my shoes, just role up my pants and just get my feet wet. I switched to trash sneakers after banging my toes on rocks in frigid brook.
So in the middle of a giant patch of Chinese Knot weed, tucked atop a hill open to all day sunlight smack dab center of the interstate I tilled and spread 100 lb sacks of Manure compost and oat straw I hauled slung over my shoulder. In fact it laid me up with back pain for days.

My regular staple Indica got premier spot right up in the front of the newly tilled and amended patch. My new Mexican plants all female about eight Oaxacan which were already a bit taller, looking totally different in structure lined the back two rows of the garden staggered in a diamond pattern. With the light gold color of the oat straw mulch conserving moisture and reflecting up the precious early June sunshine to the newly planted Mexican ladies. Back at home the Oaxacan males took up residence in pots.

Owing most of what I knew about growing cannabis at this time to High Times Magazine on learning sexing and so on I powered on.

Summer went on and these thin leaved Oaxacan beauties towered bigger and bigger. With ample supply of water from the brook and heat from the steamy sunny summer days, and relative privacy from the north and south bound lanes of traffic. Tucked in through all the summers months.

As conditions started changing, with late summer light still beaming strong a baby food jar carrying half opened male flowers of the multiple potted boys from back home were brought in and methodically broken open one by one releasing pollen very carefully onto one each of the earlier tagged single long buds one each of the precious new ladies.

The days grew shorter, the air grew a little more brisk fall started setting in.The swollen calyx’s steadily growing along with the density of the giant spears. By the end of Sept, the Indica ladies in the front of the garden were ready to come down.

But the slender leaved totally bushy now monster Oaxacan were thick with pistils in tight clusters that ran up the whole stem, at around 8 to 9 feet tall. Oct 7th came around, to an untrained eye the buds looked like they could be picked. But thank you again to High Times, I said not yet!

Heavy rains from a major tropical systems marching north slammed the patch with winds and heavy rain. The plants tied up with twine to the best of my ability to near by trees and tree branches cut and pushed into the earth like stakes, held them steady through their soaking. Though the massive arms of buds were left arching over under their own weight, and some of the main branches split and had to be mended with layers of twine wrapped around the main trunks to hold and mend themselves back together.

The soaking of the rains left them dripping and drooping, But no mold!

Then out came the sun again and the last of the promise of Fall warmth.

Over the next two weeks is where the magic really happened, the buds swelled like nothing I had ever seen before. Light to medium frosts hit, they seemed not at all negatively affected.

Now the third week in October the landscape all around turned autumn gold and red and the Chinese Knot weed now dropping the last of their yellowing leaves and the greener than green towering Oaxacans were losing their last bit of cover, time to act.

So under the cover of nights darkness and dimmed out glare of rush hour traffics lights end, I coined the phrase, Mid nite farmer. Bag after bag cut and stuffed, and that all to important one separate bag that held the one pollinated heavily seeded branch of each spectacular Oaxacan lady who saw her last moon lit night. While the air filled with the sweet knock out fragrance of fresh Balsam fir forest, fruit and of course victory, a successful harvest.

This is how this unique Oaxacan Gold line started with me on my life journey.

Mold Resistance: Very high {mind your nutes}
Fragrance: Definitely a low odor strain, but sticking your face into a sack full Oaxacan Gold makes you upon first whiff want to just climb into the bag and breath. Slight Balsam fir, hash, incense, slight fruit.

Potency: Powerful! Very high. Hits fast! First right between the eyes but in the most pleasurable way. Very motivational but you might forget what you were doing.
terrific for Socializing, but you might forget what you are saying which can lead to gut busting group Laughter.
Cerebral, reflective, great for hikes or gardening or just being in nature, my artist friend says it lends him well to falling into his painting.

Taste: Fast cure buds:
Very smooth lung expansive, have a bit of a pine, floral, very slight fruit very easy on your throat. I liken it to a really fine dry wine, very subtle not like the loudness of most of today’s strains in taste but certainly keeps up in potency while remaining impeccably and definitively unique.
Taste: long cure
Like a fine wine, not to sweet, but also not void of sweetness..
Hits the Palate with creamy goodness, extremely reminiscent of classic old school Thai stick, loose Thai or Gold Buddha stick.

Culture: needs a longer veg time to carry massive weighty buds. Sensitive to heavy feeds of organic or synthetic Through selective breeding time has been shortened to end of Sept to first week Oct outdoors.

In shorter more northern or in mountainous regions finishes wonderfully in same time frame but exemplary results are realized when brought in and finished under red heavy LED or HID lights, best under LED.

After many years of culture an anomaly occurred, purple pigments started to show on the advent of switching to LED grow lights.

These traits were selected by using males with red stems and females with purple calyx to bring out a totally purple line with a slightly more blue green foliage and very wonderful purple calyx and buds upon finish. This expression became especially more pronounced when being grown under red heavy Led grow lights and is not temperature dependent with that development a slight more berry to the fragrance became endemic to the Oaxacan Gold Purple line. This Oaxacan gold strain now runs in two parallel lines one green one purple just only slightly different from each other but both as wonderfully consistent as clones but certainly each with their own merits.


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