Breeder : unknown
Sex/Gender of Product : Regular
Genetic : Photoperiod
Plant Type : Indica/ Sativa
Flower Time : 7-8 Weeks
CBD : High THC (Less than 2% CBD)
Mold Resistance : Low
Yield: Medium
Pack Size : n.a.

Jew Gold



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Binary Tree

Unknown Indica x Unknown Indica

Jew Gold
Unknown Indica
Unknown Indica

A group of Jewish kids in LA were running around with this great herb and calling it “Jew Gold”… now in the upper crust LA scene this name was all good and people had embraced it….. Well we just couldn’t get ourselves around the name and referred to it as the JG… well after time went on, we acquired a cut from the JG crew, at a price of course, and started to grow the JG in numbers and well… lets just say it lived up to the hype!!! DNA both are non-religious on every level and really don’t have the desire to promote or not promote any race, religion, or creed… With that being said, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to turn the Jew Gold into the Kosher Kush!


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