Breeder : ACE Seeds
Sex/Gender of Product : Regular
Genetic : Photoperiod
Plant Type : Sativa /Indica
Flower Time : 8-9 Weeks
CBD : High THC (Less than 2% CBD)
Mold Resistance : High
Pack Size : n.a.

Nepal Jam



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Binary Tree

(Nepalese x Jamaica '85) x Nepalese

Nepal Jam
(Nepal x Jamaica '85)
Jamaica Landrace
Nepal Landrace
Nepal Landrace

The Nepalese is a strong and compact highland sativa with short flowering and excellent resistance against mold and cold. Its dense and resinous flowers produce first class hash.

The Nepalese was crossed with a touch of Jamaican’85 to add vigor, yield, bluish colors and the classic positive Jamaican effect to the final hybrid, whilst maintaining the compact original nepalese behavior.

Excellent strain for rainy and cold climates, and for indoor growing.


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