Breeder : In House Genetics
Sex/Gender of Product : Not Available
Genetic : Photoperiod
Plant Type : Indica
Flower Time : Not Available
CBD : High THC (Less than 2% CBD)
Mold Resistance : Low
Yield: Not Available
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Platinum Buffalo



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Binary Tree

White Buffalo x Platinum

Platinum Buffalo
White Buffalo
(Blackberry Kush x Bay 11)
UW Hashplant
Perma Frost

Platinum Buffalo is the result of crossing two legendary strains, White Buffalo and Platinum. With a pure indica genetic profile of 100/0, this strain offers a deeply relaxing and sedating experience. It embodies the best characteristics of its parent strains, combining their potency and unique qualities into a remarkable cannabis variety.

Cultivating Platinum Buffalo is a rewarding experience, as it thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments. Whether you choose to grow it in a controlled indoor setting or let it flourish under the open sky, Platinum Buffalo will reward you with its robust growth and abundant yields.

The buds of Platinum Buffalo are dense, resinous, and visually stunning. They exhibit a beautiful blend of colors, with shades of platinum and hints of white shining through. The trichome coverage is impressive, adding a frosty shimmer to the already captivating appearance.

With its high THC content and indica-dominant genetics, Platinum Buffalo is often chosen by those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, and physical discomfort. Its therapeutic properties make it a popular choice for individuals seeking natural support for relaxation and overall well-being.


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