Breeder : In House Genetics
Sex/Gender of Product : Regular
Genetic : Photoperiod
Plant Type : Indica
Flower Time : 9-10 Weeks
CBD : High THC (Less than 2% CBD)
Mold Resistance : Not Available
Yield: Medium
Pack Size :

Silky Johnson



(142 Reviews)

Binary Tree

Secret Weapon x (Skywalker OG x Grateful Breath) F2

Silky Johnson
Secret Weapon
Cheese Quake
White Widow
(Skywalker OG x Grateful Breath)
Skywalker OG
Grateful Breath

Silky Johnson offers a flowering period of 56 to 63 days, making it a relatively fast-maturing strain. This allows growers to enjoy the fruits of their labor in a relatively short amount of time. Whether you’re a patient cultivator or prefer quicker turnarounds, Silky Johnson caters to your needs.

The specific characteristics and effects of Silky Johnson can vary, given its diverse lineage. However, you can expect a potent and well-rounded experience from this hybrid. With Secret Weapon and Skywalker Grateful Breath as its parents, Silky Johnson inherits a range of desirable traits, including delightful flavors, aromas, and potentially powerful effects.


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