Breeder : Tom Hill
Sex/Gender of Product : Regular
Genetic : Photoperiod
Plant Type : Indica
Flower Time : 9-10 Weeks
CBD : More THC than CBD
Mold Resistance : Not Available
Pack Size : n.a.




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Binary Tree

Pakistan x Pakistan


This strain is a homage to the tribesman of Pakistan and the surrounding areas of the Khyber pass. The history of this strain dates back to our friend Tom Hill and his mentor The Chemist (TC). The name itself is actually not derived from anything other than scientific notation. TC gained all his seeds from a time before the hippy trail even existed (pre 60s), and in doing so was able to acquire the most pristine, untouched genetics on earth. TC decided that all of his lines (many many variations of land races back in the day before they were hybridized, ie) several different afghan land race lines) named simply by scientific notation of X1, X2, X3… and so on. Tom has remained fairly secretive about most of the unreleased strains however we know that Pine Tar Kush (a fabled discontinued Tom Hill strain) was originally labelled X16 and Deep chunk is rumored to stem from x19. All of this only adds to the mystery of what are all these mystery other lines that haven’t been released in my opinion. X18 is only going to get more and more special from here as it posses some of the most counter-intuitive characteristics of almost any strain I have come across. Firstly it’s a thin Leafed Pakistani indica, meaning its similar to Hindu kush except looks and grows like a sativa with a decent amount of stretch. This is fantastic from a breeding point of view as you can add more stretch to short inter nodal plants and avoid bud rot and achieving a better overall plant size, without necessarily adding any sativa genetics (normally what is required to do such a goal). Furthermore X18 has a natural THC:CBD ratio of 10%. This has never been accomplished by any modern CBD breeding program, as currently the highest tested CBD strain with a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC (most therapeutically beneficial) is 8:8%, even with modern breeding techniques and science. This is nothing but a tribute to both mother nature, and the tribesman of Pakistan who for recognized the medicinal value of this mutation in the plant thousands of years ago, and specifically safe guarded and inbreed the line for thousands of generations. The icing on the cake for this strain is that it has some of the most unique flavotypes (phenotypically equivalent of flavour). There are 4 major flavours that X18 can yield, Sour apple, Pear, Skunk/cheese, Chorizo /skunk. As funny as it sounds there is a pheno that smells like chorizo and its actually a pretty well documented cut called ‘RACO XVIII’ ( – It eventually ended up being stolen by DNA which they ended up using to reverse and sell feminized seeds of X18 without toms permission, and trying to miss represent a whole genetic masterpiece as only 1/4th of what it actually is (only 1 pheno represented -


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